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leg+water: Texas Legislature – January Update

Every month during the 86th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature Dr. Robert Mace and Dr. Todd Votteler will provide an update on water-related legislation. The key water committees are Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs in the Senate, and Natural Resources in the House of Representatives. Senator Charles Perry has been re-appointed as Chairman of Senate Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs. Representative Lyle Larson has been re-appointed as Chairman of House Natural Resources. Neither committee has held a hearing thus far.

Below is a list of some of the water-related bills that have been filed to date. In February, we will update you on the progress (if any) regarding key water-related bills.

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Note: There is no guarantee of accuracy on this sheet. Confirm status of any bill of interest at Texas Legislature Online.

Bill Author(s) Companion Caption
HB 26 Metcalf Relating to the creation of an alert system to notify affected persons of certain releases of water from certain dams.
HB 100 Johnson, Eric Relating to information on projected changes in weather and water availability in strategic plans of certain state agencies.
HB 137 Hinojosa Relating to reports by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about dams that have certain hazard classifications.
HB 219 Reynolds Relating to requirements regarding a municipality's comprehensive plan for long-range development, including adoption of an environmental report.
HB 245 Farrar Relating to a requirement to make certain environmental and water use permit applications available online.
HB 274 Davis, Sarah Relating to the creation of the disaster reinvestment and infrastructure planning revolving fund and the permissible uses of that fund; making an appropriation.
HB 478 Phelan Relating to the procedure by which a state agency may issue an opinion that a watercourse is navigable.
HB 481 Kuempel Relating to the storage and recovery of water in a portion of the Edwards Aquifer.
HB 509 Wilson Relating to the regulation of aggregate production operations by the Railroad Commission of Texas; authorizing a fee; providing administrative penalties and other civil remedies; creating criminal offenses.
HB 654 Dutton Relating to the definition of "affected person" for purposes of a contested case hearing held by or for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding certain environmental permit applications.
HB 720 Larson Relating to appropriations of water for use in aquifer storage and recovery projects.
HB 721 Larson Relating to the duty of the Texas Water Development Board to conduct studies of and prepare and submit reports on aquifer storage and recovery.
HB 722 Larson Relating to the development of brackish groundwater.
HB 723 Larson Relating to a requirement that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality obtain or develop updated water availability models for certain river basins.
HB 724 Larson Relating to the authorization by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality of the discharge, diversion, and transfer or other reuse of treated brackish groundwater and return flows derived from treated brackish groundwater.
HB 726 Larson Relating to the regulation of groundwater.
HB 807 Larson Relating to the state and regional water planning process.
HB 817 King, Tracy O. Relating to a restriction on permits authorizing direct discharges of waste or pollutants into water in certain areas of the Edwards Aquifer.
HB 834 Hernandez Relating to the authority of a county to adopt a land bank program.
HB 837 Geren Relating to the sale by certain municipalities of leased land located near the shoreline of a lake.
HB 845 Lozano Relating to the eligibility of property used for a water desalination project for ad valorem tax benefits under the Texas Economic Development Act.
HB 907 Huberty Relating to the penalty for failure to register certain aggregate production operations with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
HB 908 Huberty Relating to the regulation of aggregate production operation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; increasing an administrative penalty.
HB 911 Huberty Relating to the creation and functions of the Lake Houston Watershed Commission.
HB 925 Springer Relating to the composition of the board of directors of the Gateway Groundwater Conservation District.
HB 928 Anchia Relating to establishing the Texas Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission to study and address the impacts of climate change in this state.
HJR 11 Gonz√°lez, Mary Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the issuance of additional general obligation bonds by the Texas Water Development Board to provide financial assistance for the development of certain projects in economically distressed areas.
SB 81 Hall Relating to the naming of a reservoir by certain water districts.
SB 135 Nichols HB 639 Relating to the eligibility of land used as an ecological laboratory for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land.
SB 185 Miles Relating to the response to certain oil or gas well accidents by state agencies and responsible parties.
SB 230 Perry HB 687 Relating to a landowner's liability for injuries incurred during certain recreational activities.
SB 339 Huffman Relating to a seller's disclosure notice for residential property regarding floodplains, flood pools, or reservoirs.
SB 396 Perry Relating to state and regional flood planning.
SB 397 Perry Relating to funding of certain flood-related projects by the Texas Water Development Board and the reporting and administration of certain flood-related projects by the State Soil and Water Conservation Board.
SJR 28 Perry Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the State Flood Plan Implementation Fund to assist in the financing of certain flood-related projects and the transfer to that fund of money from the economic stabilization fund.


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  • Thanks for this update. Does the filter capture bills introduced for WCIDs and MUDs? I just learned the Committee on Special Purpose Districts was recently dissolved. Do you know which committee inherited the responsibilities?

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