leg+water: February Update

leg+water: February Update

Every month during the 86th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature Dr. Robert Mace and Dr. Todd Votteler will provide an update on water-related legislation. The key water committees are Water and Rural Affairs in the Senate, and Natural Resources in the House of Representatives. Both committees have held hearings since our last update in January. Thus far the hearings have been informational featuring invited testimony from key agencies and other organizations that have a significant interest or role in water issues. Recently, dozens of water-related bills were referred (assigned) to Senate Water and Rural Affairs and House Natural Resources. This is an indication that hearings on specific bills are likely to begin within the next few weeks.

Below is a list of some of the water-related bills that have been referred to one of the committees.

Click here to find information about upcoming hearings.

Note: There is no guarantee of accuracy on this sheet. Confirm status of any bill of interest at Texas Legislature Online.

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