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talk + water: Michael Campana, Oregon State University

Michael-CampanaTexas+Water Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Todd Votteler, talks with Michael Campana, who is a Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management at Oregon State University and Technical Director of the American Water Resources Association. He formerly directed the Water Resources Program at the University of New Mexico where he is Emeritus Professor. Interests include hydrogeology; hydrophilanthropy; IWRM (integrated water resources management); WaSH (water, sanitation, and hygiene); in developing regions; water policy; managed aquifer recharge; and education. He is an inveterate Water Wonk; as WaterWired he blogs and Tweets on water and related issues. His hydrophilanthropy, The Ann Campana Judge Foundation, supports and conducts WaSH work in Central America.

 Click here to listen.

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