outlook+water: The Atlantic Vincent van Gogh’d, Drought Relief and La Niña

The tropical storm season continues to break records, including making the Atlantic look like Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Speaking of tropical storms, recent rainfall has pulled much of the eastern half of the state out of drought conditions. La Niña conditions are now officially entrenched in the Pacific, leading to projections of warmer and drier conditions in the state over the next three months.

outlook+water: May 2020

SUMMARY: NOAA projects a 60 percent chance of a more active Atlantic hurricane season this year. Drought conditions decreased over the past month (from 16 to 11 percent of the state), but abnormally dry conditions or worse increased from 28 to 38 percent. The state is projected to be warmer than normal though the summer with the Rio Grande region suffering the brunt of higher temperatures.