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talk+water: Lara Fowler

lara-fowlerTexas+Water Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Todd Votteler, talks with Lara Fowler, who is a mediator and an attorney focused on all things water, energy, and dispute resolution. Prior to joining Penn State University in 2012, she worked on public policy issues for the Oregon Water Resources Department and practiced law in Seattle. As a private practitioner, she helped facilitate discussions on water issues in Washington, California, and Oregon. She now holds a joint appointment as a Senior Lecturer at Penn State Law and the Assistant Director for Outreach and Engagement with Penn State’s Institutes of Energy and the Environment. She will be a Fulbright Scholar in Sweden during the 2019-2020 academic year, partnered with Dr. Ashok Swain, who is the UNESCO Chair of International Water Cooperation and Director of the Research School for International Water Cooperation at Uppsala University.

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