outlook+water: The Atlantic Vincent van Gogh’d, Drought Relief and La Niña

The tropical storm season continues to break records, including making the Atlantic look like Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Speaking of tropical storms, recent rainfall has pulled much of the eastern half of the state out of drought conditions. La Niña conditions are now officially entrenched in the Pacific, leading to projections of warmer and drier conditions in the state over the next three months.

think+water: Harvey Over-Freshened Galveston Bay, Warming and Urban Springs, Nurdle Patrols and Snakes on a (Gulf Coastal) Plain

This month we explore academic publications on the topics of freshwater inflows and its effect to Galveston Bay following Hurricane Harvey, springs discharge and its thermal buffering to aquatic habitats, volunteer-driven citizen science to address plastic pollution and assessing how municipal supplies and wastewater affect stream and spring waters.

think+water: Fights Over the Rio Grande, Energy and Water, Groundwater Contamination in Colonias and a Saintlier St. Augustine

This month we explore academic publications on the topics of the Texas-New Mexico water war, the potential for greater solar development in West Texas, the development of interploid hybrids to enhance the water efficiency of St. Augustinegrass and a look at how water issues could constrain oil and gas production in the United States.